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Registered Architect

Robert is not just a Registered Architect in Western Australia; he is a maestro in the realm of architecture, orchestrating structures that resonate with beauty and functionality. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning across various sectors including residential, multi-unit residential, and commercial projects, he brings a depth of understanding that is both rare and invaluable.

With 15 years of seasoned experience tucked under his belt, Robert navigates both the architectural practice and the construction/development industries with a finesse that comes from years of honing his craft. His journey has not only endowed him with a wealth of knowledge but has also sculpted him into a registered Building Practitioner in WA, a testament to his dedication and prowess in the field. Robert is the beacon of innovation and reliability, guiding projects to fruition with a visionary approach and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


Senior Partner

Gilmara is more than an interior designer and registered architect in Brazil; she is a virtuoso of spaces, weaving her expertise and creativity to craft interiors that echo with elegance and functionality. Her rich reservoir of knowledge and deep understanding of the industry make her a powerhouse in the architectural realm.

Gilmara's experience is as vast as it is diverse, encompassing projects ranging from intimate houses to towering high-rise developments. She is a maestro at translating clients' visions into tangible realities, her meticulous documentation skills acting as a bridge that connects dreams to reality. Her keen attention to detail not only helps clients crystallize their goals but also instills confidence, ensuring a seamless translation of design intent to the builder. With Gilmara at the helm, clients can rest assured that their project is nurtured with expertise, passion, and a commitment to realizing architectural masterpieces.

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